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Fancy yourself as DJ? In the current times you may like to earn or save some money, or just have fun hosting your own event.

Megasong offer 'damp' hire of Disco equipment, you can run your own Disco without having to invest in the equipment or music. You don't even have to provide the transport!

In the trade there are normally two sorts of equipment hire.

'Wet Hire'

This is the most common for Mobile DJs or Discos. You book a full service and we supply everything necessary to provide a Disco or whatever for your event, all the equipment, the music, the set-up and take down and the DJ/KJ/Artists. All you have to do is tell us the sort of music you like and we do the rest.

'Dry Hire'

All you are hiring from us are bits of equipment, perhaps because you are a DJ doing a large event for which you need extra or more powerful equipment.

This is like going to the hire shop and renting a piece of equipment you need for a particular task but probably won't need again so it's not worth buying it.

We normally only offer this service to professionals who know how to connect and use equipment within it's design limits. We once had a so-called professional client who used a 2000W amp of ours on a pair of his speakers that he thought were rated at 1000W each. Unfortunately he didn't understand the rating system and blew his speakers within a few minutes of starting his disco, it was a very peaceful do after that, we understand he used a boom-box that was his 'back-up' for the rest of the event!

'Megasong's Damp Hire'

This is a service we now offer to help budding DJs and people on a tight budget. Remember when considering prices that our equipment and support will be provided at your venue, you don't have to spend your time and money collecting and returning it to us and assistance can be immediately on hand if you have any issues.

You get all the equipment you would with a normal wet hire disco but you provide the labour. You work under our guidance. Depending on what you'd like either you or us will unload and load the vehicle, do the set up and take down all the equipment at the end, but you will always provide the DJ. This means we can send a solitary body who, whilst he is skilled at how to set-up, is not a professional DJ nor - if you're providing the labour - does he expect to be humping kit around.

If you are a newcomer to us or to DJing our staff member can be a guest at your event and act as an overseer, he will assist you using the equipment and make sure you respect it and don't get into difficulties, but that's all he will do!

This will save you a fair proportion of the normal cost of a Disco and may make it an economical proposition.

One thing though, we will require a cash deposit to cover the cost of stripping down, packing and loading the van at the end if you're supposed to be doing that part, not that you would but some people think they can have their party and leave us to pack away at the end!

We can normally offer this service except around Christmas and the New Year, Valentines and Halloween. It is however worth asking even for these times since events are normally booked well in advance and as we can cater for quite a number of concurrent partys we may still have equipment available.


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