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Useful Information

Some things we'll need to know and you should know

  • Does the venue require us to produce a risk assessment?
  • We do not normally use strobes, smoke (except water based haze and sometimes light Fog) or UV lighting but are there other effects that may have an adverse affect on any of your guests?
  • What time can we get access to the venue?
  • Can we park by the access entrance, if not how do we get our equipment in and out?
  • Are there any steps or other hindrances to access?
  • Where will we leave our vehicle during the event?
  • What are the approximate dimensions of the room?
  • What is the ceiling height and are there any beams etc we need to know about?
  • What area do we have in which to set up, approximate dimensions?
  • How near are the power points, what are they (eg 13A sockets) and is there a power limit?
  • Does the venue have a PRS (Performing Rights Society) licence?
  • How long after the event will we have to get our equipment out?
  • Are there noise limits applicable to the venue? - We have our own metering if required

    The Health and Safety guidelines issued by the government relating to noise levels are as follows:

    Loudness dB SPA Max Exposure
    per day
    85 8 Hours
    88 4 Hours
    91 2 Hours
    94 1 Hours
    97 30 Minutes
    100 15 Minutes
    103 7.5 Minutes
    106 3 Minutes

    We value your hearing and will generally keep within the guidelines but are capable of hitting in excess of 130dBA if the need arises!

  • How does this correspond to real life?

  • 190 dBA Heavy weapons, 10 m behind the weapon (maximum level)
    180 dBA Toy pistol fired close to ear (maximum level)
    170 dBA Slap on the ear, banger firework explodes on shoulder, small arms
    at a distance of 50 cm (maximum level)
    160 dBA Hammer stroke on brass tubing or steel plate at 1 m distance,
    airbag deployment very close at a distance of 30 cm (maximum level)
    150 dBA Hammer stroke in a smithy at 5 m distance (maximum level)
    140 dBA Even short term exposure can cause permanent damage - Loudest recommended exposure WITH hearing protection. The rig below hit 139.1 dBA at 3M (10ft)
    130 dBA The level Megasong can easily achieve if required. During tests we measured peaks over 133dBA at 10M (a bit over 30ft) using a 6KW rig. Obviously we would not use this amount of power with an audience in range, we just had to see what we could deliver without really trying! This was using just 8 speakers set-up on 4 1500W amps at an indoor venue.
    120 dBA Whistle at 1 m distance, test run of a jet at 15 m distance
      Threshold of pain, above this fast-acting hearing damage is possible
    115 dBA Jet plane take off at 10 m distance, Loud Rock Concert
    110 dBA Siren at 10 m distance, frequent sound level in discos and close
    to loudspeakers at rock concerts.
    105 dBA Chain saw at 1 m distance, banging car door at 1 m distance (maximum level),
    racing car at 40 m distance, possible level with music head phones
    100 dBA Frequent level with music via head phones, jack hammer at 10 m distance
    95 dBA Loud crying, hand circular saw at 1 m distance
    90 dBA Angle grinder outside at 1 m distance
      Over this level prolonged exposure can cause permanent hearing damage.
    85 dBA 2-stroke chain-saw at 10 m distance, loud WC flush at 1 m distance
    80 dBA Very loud traffic noise, passing lorries at 7.5 m distance,
    high traffic on a motorway at 25 m distance
    75 dBA Passing car at 7.5 m distance, un-silenced wood shredder at 10 m distance
    70 dBA Level close to a main road by day, quiet hair dryer at 1 m distance to ear
    65 dBA Normal conversation
    60 dBA Lawn mower at 10 m distance
    55 dBA Low volume of radio or TV at 1 m distance, noisy vacuum cleaner at
    10 m distance
    50 dBA Refrigerator at 1 m distance, bird twitter outside at 15 m distance
    45 dBA Noise of normal living
    40 dBA Above this level distraction when learning or concentrating is possible
    35 dBA Very quiet room fan at low speed at 1 m distance
    25 dBA Sound of breathing at 1 m distance
    0 dBA Auditory threshold

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