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All our equipment is available for hire, with or without an operator.

Our equipment is professional standard and designed to keep working. So if you are in our coverage area, whatever you're looking for, be it a Complete PA, a PA, an Effects Box, a Full Colour Laser, a Lighting Truss, a DMX Controller or a Digital Mixer we can probably supply it, with or without an operator.


We have an assortment of mixers including 3 full digital and 3 powered, a few are shown on this page. Some are only really suitable for pure DJ use but most are designed to cope with the rigours and requirements of vocal, band and production use as well as disco.

At the small end we use a Studiomaster Powered Mixer which has a built in 600W RMS amplifier, graphic equaliser and effects. It boasts 8 microphone/line inputs and various additional inputs for music sources and is perfect for Karaoke. It is ideally suited to smaller venues, pubs and village halls, especially where set-up space is tight. If additional amplification is required we can add any of our power amps to bring the volume up. We often add a second set of amplification solely for the bass frequencies. To do this, as well as an extra amplifier & active crossover, you have a second set of speakers, normally there will be a pair of full range speakers for the Mid/Top and a pair of 'Subs' to reinforce the Bass frequencies.

We have several other small powered and unpowered mixers, including some tiny ones which do not have built in effects or the versatility of the ones we use for Karaoke and Live Vocalists hence are only really suited to pure DJ use - mixing recorded music and the occasional announcement by the DJ or speech by you or your guests.

Others have minimal inputs and basic special effects which may be just what you need if you're looking to do a small karaoke at home, these can be supplied with a small digital amp and speakers which will fit most domestic party rooms.

In between these small basic mixers and our top line units we have mixers from Mackie, Yamaha and Behringer amongst others, these are normally only used for live performances or producing studio mixes.

One of our most popular mixers is a 24 track 8 bus Mackie.  These are perfect for live performances. They are the most successful in-line & recording consoles ever made, have tracked more platinum albums and major motion picture sound tracks than any other mixer in their class and are used by more artists, groups, composers, and production facilities than any other brand. Since its release the 8•Bus Series has consistently set the standard for both affordability and feature set. Ultra-quiet and flexible, the Mackie 8•Bus is the definitive 8•bus console, . Designed to eliminate the last barrier between you and your creativity, the 24•8 mixer offers results on par with £75,000+ consoles. They have never been equaled for sound quality and are legendary for their performance and reliability.

As well as the eight main buses these have six AUX buses, a pair of L/R Mix buses, a pair of MIX-B buses, and a pair of Solo buses so it is exceedingly unlikely you'll run into any limitations no matter how many options you need.

We supply this with the optional Meter Bridge which gives you an instant visual on all the levels.

If you have a large band or a lot of sources that need mixing there is our Behringer Eurodesk 3282 analog mixer.

This as you would expect has 32 inputs and is also capable of providing feeds for up to 8 track recording. There are up to 4 pre fade Aux Sends available. It has low noise mic preamps, a 75Hz low cut filter on each channel, built in talk back mic and 8 Auxiliary sends. With 24 mono and 4 stereo channels on the left and the master section for the 8 subgroups and master mix on the right this is a very easy mixer to use, the signal path follows logically from left to right.

In addition to the normal gain, pan and mute each mono channel has controls for the sends to the eight busses, swept mid range and fixed frequency high and low equalisation, routing buttons for the 8 subgroups (four pairs) Solo/PFL and signal and clip LEDs.

The four Stereo (8 inputs) channels additionally have a 4 band equaliser.

All in all this is an extremely versatile desk which lends itself to both live and studio use.

Other popular mixers for live acts include the 24 channel Yamaha GF24/12 (4 Group + 6 Aux + Stereo Outputs) or at the cheaper end the Behringer Eurorack MX2642A (26 Input 4 Bus + Stereo).

If you want on board effects or are ultra budget conscious you might consider an 18 input Behringer 1832-FX (18-Input 3/2-Bus Mixer) which has an in built studio-grade 24-bit stereo FX processor with 100 presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and various multi-effects.

Going up in quality there are our Mackie CFX analog mixers with in built special effects, These have up to 16 inputs and 4 busses, a good selection of effects and an in built sub 75Hz output which may save you using a crossover to drive your subs. Both mixers have graphic equalisers along with their special effects and at least two completely separate effects/aux busses in addition to insert points on all input channels. They could be used in conjunction with external equipment such as a Behringer Virtualizer Pro, a Compressor Limiter and a Feedback Destroyer. This combination should give you superb sounding vocals & instruments with multiple concurrent effects if required, as well as preventing the feedback or howl that you sometimes hear with inexperienced vocalists - and occasionally professionals too.

At the top end we can go up to an 80 channel 8/16 Bus full digital mixer with real time and snapshot recall, TRS and ADAT as well as Analog and Digital Ins and Outs, compressors, limiters and gates on every channel and multiple digital effects, and that's just for starters.

We also offer 16 track digital recording. You can record your live performance, either using wet or dry channel feeds and mix downs (or any combination) so you can take a multitrack recording for post processing (which we can also offer) for a professional final mix. You can also record the live mix so you can hear what you sounded like on the night.

Our most popular Digital Mixer/Recorder can record up to 16 concurrent uncompressed tracks at 16 or 24-bit resolution. There is also a stereo master track to which you can mix down and you can record your final mix to a CD with standard 44.1kHz sampling rates.

It is fully automated with 96 scene memories per recorded Song and full moving-fader dynamic automation which includes panning and EQ

This is also perfect for use as live digital mixer if you need the facilities and automation but are not concerned with recording your efforts. With up to 44 mixing input channels, each with four-band parametric EQ and full dynamics facilities (compression/limiting etc.), eight groups, eight auxes, a stereo master bus, a stereo solo bus, and direct outputs from 32 of the mixer channels. Add to this two internal multi- effects units with upgraded processors giving similar performance to the Pro R3 which can be driven from Auxes 7 and 8 or inserted into specific channels and you can see why it's popular both as a mixer and a production tool!

In addition to the common types of mixer we have other specialist items to enhance your event.

For events where there are multiple rooms or zone, many weddings for example, it can be useful to have different material or volume levels in each zone and also to have announcements across all zones or just in specific zones. When zoning the ability to automatically reduce the volume of the main source when an announcement is made is almost essential, otherwise you'd find yourself having to set and reset the individual volumes every time and would probably never get every zone consistently right.

Our popular Cloud Z4II venue mixer neatly sorts this for you. It combines simple control of music with versatile microphone paging for up to four separate areas. They have six stereo line inputs and three microphone inputs, one of which is configured specifically for use with paging mics. The front panel provides separate controls for music source selection, music level and two mic levels in each zone. When Mic1 and/or Mic 2 are in use, music ducking can also be enabled on a per-zone basis; further, Mic 1 may be set to have priority over Mic 2 to prevent announcement clashes.


These are used to level sound, reducing the dynamic range in a given set of circumstances. Two main uses are to cope with sound limiters in a venue and to reduce the dynamic range of a singer or instrument so you do not get deafened by the loud bits or lose the quiet passages, which in the case of amateur artists are often unintentional.

If you're stuck with a venue with sound limiting we have compressors that will allow you to run consistently right on the limit, massively increasing the apparent volume without actually exceeding the limiters.

This is similar to the effect you may have noticed during advert breaks on the telly. The volume seems to suddenly increase. It hasn't, a compressor has been used to raise the general level to that of the peaks, and to keep the peaks below the limit set - in that case by the broadcaster. We can achieve the same effect at you event if you go for this level of service.


We have multiple effects units, some have been mentioned elsewhere. These offer unparalleled control over how the vocals and instruments will sound, they can be used on single mixer channels or on specific effects busses, the choice is yours depending on how many different effects you need at the same time.

Many of our control boxes are multi- function giving you the opportunity to experiment or to recreate a special sound effect. We do not however have pedals etc. these are most often regarded as part of the instrument chain rather than a mixing component.

We can even offer TC Helicon Autotune to keep your vocalists in key or to simulate the effects heard on some pop tracks and Feedback Destroyers for those awkward venues where you can't get rid of the howl from your monitors or vocals.

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